Mustard Seed Preschool
"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for you."
-Matthew 17:20

Seasonal/Calendar Events

Thanksgiving Feast

This is an in-school event. Parents are welcome to come and volunteer during and throughout the day. Parental involvement is a key element to making this event a success and students come to a traditional feast with dishes prepared and brought by parents. They are adorned at school either as a Native American or Pilgrim and the classes enjoy the feast together with music to match the setting. The children learn about the story of the first Thanksgiving, reenacting the Native American's encounter with Pilgrims and teaching them how to plant corn.  The morning of the feast, during devotions, Charles and Siouxsan Robinson give a presentation about the culture and life of Native Americans.

Christmas Program

This is a formal program put together with the participation of the students, guidance of the director and music teacher, and assembled by the help of the Christmas Program Committee of Friends of Mustard Seed. This event reflects the birth of Christ and the true meaning of the Christmas season. This event is fun for all and truly requires a great deal of parental involvement, during and before the event.

There will be a special love offering taken at the programs. Funds collected will benefit the scholarship fund.

Easter Week

For the two weeks leading up to Easter, MSP's devotions are geared to reflect the days leading up to Christ Crucifixion and Resurrection. The Triumphal Entry, Passover and then betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection are all reenacted for the students.

Devotions are held on the nature trail as these events are reenacted. Parents are invited to stay and in some instances participate in this reenactment. Some students will also have a chance to participate in these devotional times.

Curriculum Based Events

Wonderful Water Days

For two weeks in the Fall, the 3s will have special outdoor activities with water play. As the students have been discussing water in their curriculum, several stations are set up in order to reflect many things that water can do (evaporate, clean, make bubbles, rainbows, freeze, etc.)

Ugly Bug Ball

This day is an opportunity for students to come dressed up as “ugly bugs” or even cute bugs! As students have been discussing creeping animals in Discovery Time, several stations are set up to play and talk about what insects and creeping animals can do. There is also an opportunity for the students to participate in the “Ugly Bug Parade” down the hallways of the church.

Stewardship Day

This day is set up as MSP is recognizing our facilities and cleaning crew. Throughout the day students will recognize what it means to serve others and to take care of the things that they have been given. They will vacuum, dust, and clean their chairs and classroom.

Other Specialty Days

Parent Teacher Conferences

There are two Parent-Teacher Conferences set up throughout the school year. This is an opportunity for teachers to have one on one time with parents to inform the parent of issues going on the classroom, concerns, praises, and also an opportunity to learn from the parent about their concerns, questions, and issues that are effecting the students. This is a great time to really connect with the families in the classroom and establish a relationship that is best for the child.

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is a week long event assembled by a committee of Friends of Mustard Seed. It is meant to act as an appreciation for all that they teachers and assistants do as they invest their lives in MSP students.

Volunteer Appreciation Coffee

This is an opportunity for our staff to thank our volunteer chairpersons for their efforts on behalf of MSP.