963 Coffee

MSP Offers fresh roasted, fair trade, organic coffee

Our school has an opportunity to offer our families freshly roasted, fair trade, organic coffee at a great price, while boosting our MSP Scholarship Fund. We will offer 963 Coffee, with proceeds benefitting our scholarship fund.

It is freshly roasted upon ordering each Tuesday, and ships to our school on Thursdays. This is probably the freshest coffee you will ever drink!
There are 7 blends of coffee that you can order in whole bean or ground. They also have cocoa for the non-coffee drinkers and chocoholics. 
963 Coffee Blends:
African Morning                          (African Blend - Light Roast)
Triple Tango 
                                (Latin Blend - Medium Roast)
Red Horizon                                 (African Blend - Medium Roast)

Café Konjo                                    (African Blend – Dark Roast)

South Seas                                   (South Pacific Blend - Dark Roast)

963 Decaf                                      (Latin Blend – Medium Roast – Our coffee is decaffeinated by a water purification   process, no nasty chemicals!)

Cinnamon Crème Brulee 
         (Latin Blend - Flavored Roast)
Cocoa Jambo!                        Pure Ghana cocoa. Mix with warm milk for an incredible treat!

Sizes and Prices:
16 ounce coffee  (whole bean or roasted)      $12
16 ounce cocoa                                                      $12 

Orders may be placed in our office on a 963 Order Form. Check are due at order, and are to be made out to “Mustard Seed Preschool” with “coffee” in the memo line. They are placed on Tuesdays and shipped on Thursdays. MSP will place the coffee ordered in your child’s backpack to send home. 

Please email Kristin Henke at kristin.henke@christcommunity.org or call 468-2346.  

Or Betsy Breegle at betsy.breege@christcommunity.org, 468-2242 with any questions. Or email.

Thank You!

Download Order Form