Dear MSP Families –

Welcome to 2013! We are so glad to have your children sharing adventures with us into a brand new year together. We have a few students joining our 3s and 4s programs, mostly transfers into the Franklin area. If you see a new face on the hallway, I know you will make them feel welcome!

In January’s Devotions, we are learning Children’s Shorter Catechism Questions & Answer #’s 19 – 24. These relate to our “first parents” – Adam and Eve. This week we learn my favorite song:

  Q - What else did God give Adam and Eve besides bodies?                         

A – He gave them souls that will last forever.

 Q - Do you have a soul as well as a body?                                           

 A- Yes and my soul will last forever.

Last year when we learned this song and the memory verse John 3:16, a 4 year old girl exclaimed “Ms. Kristin, I can’t wait until I go to heaven and get to meet Jesus!” 

Grace  & Peace,

Kristin Henke, MSP Director

January 2013 MSP News

In this Issue:

2013-2014 Registration News                                    

Inclement Weather Policy

Tour & Preview – Jan 24/25

Vision Screenings Jan 22 & Jan 25

Licensure News


Registration Begins for 2013-2014

  New applications are now in our office and also will go home with your students on Tues/Wed of this week. They will also be downloadable online under the “Registration” tab at www.mustardseedpreschool.com. Enrollment is staggered, with current MSP families’ open enrollment period beginning Tues. Jan 22nd. It then opens to Christ Community Church member families on Feb. 1st, then to the general public on Feb. 15th. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. If you wait to turn in your child’s application, you may not get your first choice of days available.

The MSP Advisory Board voted to raise tuition for next school year. It has been two years since there has been a raise. There are a number of reasons for the need to raise it.  Please see Kristin Henke or Betsy Breegle if you have any questions about next years’ tuition.

Please contact our Registrar, Valerie See, for more information about enrollment. Our office phone # is 615-468-2346

Mustard Seed Preschool's Inclement Weather Policy

As a reminder, MSP follows the school closures for Franklin Special School District (FSSD).  If FSSD is closed due to inclement weather, then MSP will also be closed. If FSSD opens late, then MSP will open at 10 am. 

 In addition, our home webpage will be updated with current information about MSP’s school closures. 

 You may also visit www.wsmv.com under their "school closures" tab to see if Franklin Special School District is closed.  

  If by chance, Franklin Special School District ever announces a weather related closure before 1:00 pm, MSP will also close. If that is the case, please come as soon as possible to pick up your child.

“Tour & Preview” Dates Th/Fri Jan 24/25  

There are “Tour and Preview” days for potential families to come and get the “flavor” of MSP during devotions and the early morning part of our school day.  The Open House dates for this year are Thursday and Friday, Jan. 24 and 25 - at 9 am.  Preregistering to attend is suggested but not required. Guests can RSVP to Valerie See at Valerie.see@christcommunity.org or call her at 615-468-2345.

 You are our best form of advertising and promotion to new families. If you are pleased with Mustard Seed Preschool, please let your friends know.

Free Vision Screenings at MSP Tue Jan 22 & Fri Jan 25

MSP Students can have their vision screened at school by the Lions Club outreach team from the Vanderbilt Eye Institute. The children are not touched in any way during the simple test. You can pick up a consent form from your child’s teacher on Tues/Wed and then return it to your teacher as soon as possible.

A consent form MUST be filled out and signed by a parent before the student can be screened. The screening will take place during the school day, in the mornings. Results will be returned to you in a few weeks.

Licensure/News for 2013-2014

MSP will be undergoing the process to become licensed by the Department of Human Services this Spring. The TN Attorney General ruled that any preschool open more than 2 days per week has to be licensed starting July 1, 2013. Previously, licensure rules did not apply to programs who served children for a shorter school day and week. Kristin and Betsy as well as the Advisory board have begun this process and expect that it will be completed smoothly and on time. We have much that is above and beyond what licensure requires, however it is a learning process.


Ms. Betsy was reading a story about creation rejoicing at the birth of Jesus. The story mentioned salmon leaping. She asked the students if they knew what salmon were. A 3s student piped up “when you cook them, they are ready to eat!”

Students were asked who was born in the manger. When they sang out in unison “Jesus!” a young 3 added “And it’s GOD too. Because they’re three in one!”