Mustard Seed Preschool
"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for you."
-Matthew 17:20

Mustard Seed Preschool's Inclement Weather Policy

As a reminder, MSP follows the school closures for Franklin Special School District (FSSD).  If FSSD is closed due to inclement weather, then MSP will also be closed. If FSSD opens late, then MSP will open at 10 am. 

 In addition, our home webpage will be updated with current information about MSP’s school closures. You may also visit under their "school closures" tab to see if Franklin Special School District is closed.  

  If by chance, Franklin Special School District ever announces a weather related closure before 1:00 pm, MSP will also close. If that is the case, please come as soon as possible to pick up your child.