Director’s Letters

Points to Remember    Mustard Seed Preschool 2017-18

MSP’s school day will now be 9:15 am – 1:15 pm. Doors will open at 9:05 am and pick up will be at 1:15 pm. Please make a note of this time change!

We ask that you please make a habit of being on time! We realize that last minute problems do arise, however we can all agree that everyone’s day goes better when children enter on time, ready for the day. 😊


Mustard Seed Preschool student parking is located to be in the back of the church building. Teachers will use the 2nd and 3rd rows. All MSP students will use the Main (by playground, under awning) entrance in the morning.  Pick up line in the afternoon uses the main entrance and parent pick up is via the rear entrance. Please take extreme caution in our parking lots as children can be impulsive and are not always looking out for cars. Please hold your children’s hands in the parking lot and teach them to look for moving cars. If you need to come in with a stroller please enter at the rear entrance and ring the buzzer.  A staff person will let you in.

Morning drop- off:

The North Main Entrance door will be opened for you to walk your child to their class 9:05 – 9:15 am and sign them in.

Sign in Sheets

Licensing requires that parents/caregivers MUST sign in and write the time that the child was dropped off and picked up on the class roster/sign in sheet.

Afternoon pick-up:

At 1:15 pm, MSP parents have the option of parking & entering the school via the Rear/Worship Center entrance to pick up their child, OR using the carline for pick up after school. Parents/Caregivers are NOT to enter the Main entrance to walk in and pick up their child starting at 1:00 pm when the pickup line begins forming. We cannot mix the car line with parents who walk in for pick up. This is for safety of all involved. Please tell grandparents/caregivers who might be helping pick up your children. We will have to send them around the building if they try to enter the main door during afternoon pick up.


Anyone picking up a MSP student in the car line MUST have an MSP issued placard in their windshield. If there is no placard, or parents choose to pick up inside the building, they will need to park and enter through the rear entrance of the church, not the Main North Entrance. If someone different than parents are picking up inside, they will need to show identification.  Parents MUST document on the sign in sheet who will pick up your child in the afternoon, whether it is you or a caregiver. All authorized persons for pick up must be listed on your child’s information sheet which is stored in our office.

  • NO cell phone use in car line once at the front group of 12 cars – 6 per row. You and any passengers must stay in your vehicleuntil you see your child and then please walk to the sidewalk to take their hand and lead them back to your vehicle. Dismissal is in groups of 12 vehicles. Our 3 and 4 day classes must sign the child out and indicate a time, even in the car line. This is not a good time to socialize with the teachers as they are focused on a safe dismissal.

The rear MSP doors will be opened by a staff member at 1:10 pm. Anyone picking up early will need to arrive before 1 pm. Please park in the rear area near the long awning or the handicapped spaces out front and enter the rear MSP doors for afternoon walk in pick up.

Late pick-up:

We understand that things happen from time to time to cause children to be picked up late. If you are going to be late picking up your child please call the school office 615-468-2345 if possible and then park and come into the building to pick up. Most likely your child will be waiting in the office and you will need to sign them out. There is a charge of $1.00 per minute after 1:30 pm.

Devotions  begin at 9:20 am in El Pueblo, which is Rooms 114 – 115 on the Preschool Hallway. Devotions are a time when we as a school give our “first fruits” to the Lord. It is a time for singing, learning the catechism set to music, and a brief Bible teaching. All staff will be present as well as all children. Our 3 and 4 day classes hold devotions in their classrooms on days when they are not in All School Devotions.

Things to remember about MSP devotions:

1) Your child’s teachers will line up and walk their students to El Pueblo for devotions at 9:15 am.

2) If arriving after 9:15 am, please be aware that you will need sign in, hang up their backpack, and then walk your child to devotions in El Pueblo to help them find their class. Entering is okay during singing time, but children may not enter and disrupt during teaching time from 9:30 – 9:40 am.

3) We ask that adults and children show courtesy during devotions and not hold conversations in the room. If parents wish to socialize, that is great! However, please move conversations to the gathering space area near the playground/bathrooms.

4) Parents are welcome to join us for devotions by standing or sitting in the back. There will be limited chairs and a “spillover” area outside our devotions room.  Due to limited space, we ask that strollers be kept outside the El Pueblo room. You are welcome to bring in younger children as long as they can do their best to not talk during the teaching time.

5) Please also be aware that in the first weeks of school, children with some level of normal separation anxiety might find it hard to say goodbye in the classroom and then see their parents again in devotions or the hallway. Parents may need to wait until the child is comfortable with separation before staying in the hallway or devotions.


Your child’s safety is our number one priority! We ask all visitors to sign in and out during the school day at a marked Visitor Sign In from 9:45 am until 1:15 pm.  This table will be at the MSP Office entrance of our school. Unless you are in the school hallway for drop off or pick up, we ask that you sign in as a visitor and wear a visitor name tag. This is for all children’s safety.

Both entrances to the MSP A-wing are equipped with magnetic locking doors. If you need to enter the wing during the day you may use the call boxes at either entrance and we will be able to let you in.  Please state your name, child’s name and teacher and the reason for your visit.

MSP Wellness Policy – Refer to the Parent Handbook as well.

We ask that you keep your child at home with any of the following symptoms and/or illnesses:

Fever greater than 100

Runny Nose – yellow or green

Questionable Rashes/parasitic infections

Vomiting within the past 24 hours

Persistent Coughing

Diarrhea within the past 24 hours


*Active Chicken Pox 



Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Head Lice

*Please contact the Director or Assistant Director as soon as possible if you suspect your child has been exposed to or diagnosed with the chicken pox.  


Classroom news and all-school news are emailed monthly from the MSP Director and weekly from your child’s teacher. If for some reason you are not receiving emails from your child’s teacher or from the MSP Director, please contact our office so we can double check email address spellings.

Parent will receive information about the first week of school (first days Tues/Wed Aug 29/30) at Parent Night and Open House. The first teacher letters will be emailed out by Mon. Sept. 4th and weekly thereafter. If you do not have access to email, please let the teacher and office know so that we can provide a printed copy of the teacher letter. The website also shows key dates/times.

If you have any questions about communications, please contact your child’s teacher,  or Sarah Hathaway, Assistant Director, or Kristin Henke, Director, or call  our office 615-468-2345.

**Check out Mustard Seed Preschool’s Instagram @mustard_seed_preschool and Facebook pages for information as well!