Director’s Letters

March 5, 2019

From Kristin Henke, MSP Director:

It is with a heavy heart but also confidence in the Lord’s plan that I have decided to make this semester, Spring 2019, my last as Director of Mustard Seed Preschool.  It has been a joy and a privilege to lead our school and serve alongside teachers, shepherding children to taste, see and feel the love of Jesus. After taking the summer off, I will likely move onto a position in Social Work or Human Resources.

Christ Community Church’s Ministry Director is spearheading a search team for a new Director, who will in turn hire a Curriculum Coordinator to work in the office alongside Sarah Hathaway, our veteran Assistant Director.

The link to the job descriptions for Director and Curriculum Coordinator is at

Interested applicants for the Director position can email for more information.

January 7, 2019

Dear MSP Families,
We are looking forward to seeing you and your students back on our hallways starting this week on Tues/Wed Jan. 8/9.   We will be welcoming some new students in our 3s and 5s classes as well.

Childcare Licensing Safety Rule: For Morning Sign in Sheets,  New policy: You will notice there is now a place for you to print the name of the person who is picking up your child. Parents can write “Mom” or “Dad” but if it is another person, such as a friend or babysitter, please write in that person’s name (or have them write it if they are the ones dropping off.) Then at dismissal, that pick-up person will need to sign their first and last name, rather than just initials.

 After Care will resume on Tues. January 8th on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30 – 2:45 pm. If you need another After Care form, please email and she can send one to you. Extras will also be on the table outside our office.

Hangers for Car Line Placards have been successful in helping car line move faster. Please be sure to arrive on time (and avoid late minutes!) as the car line will likely end sooner due to the efficiency of using the hangers to hold the placard on the rearview mirrors.

In Devotions, we will be talking about how Adam and Eve were our first parents, and how God promises that in Christ, our souls last forever. We will compare things that wear out and do not last, with things that are forever, like God’s love.

MSP Tour & Preview Days for interested families for 2019-2020 will be held Th/Fr Jan 24/25. If you have been pleased with our program, please share this with your friends! Promotion will also be on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. (@mustard_seed_preschool) Folks can RSVP to or visit for more information about Tour & Preview Days.

~We are thankful for each of you as we begin this new year together.