October 1, 2016 NEWS

October 2016 ~ MSP News

Dear Mustard Seed Preschool Parents,

What a great first month of school! Your kids are amazing leaders! Some students have already volunteered to lead prayer and sign language/singing in devotions. We are falling in love with them and their wonder in God’s creation inspires us.

Did your student tell you about the Fire Trucks that came to visit last week? It was a real treat. Please be sure to read all of the information listed below regarding upcoming MSP dates & events!

Grace & Peace,

Kristin Henke, Director

*Community Coffee Th/Fri Oct 13/14 @ 9 am

All parents welcomed – hosted by MSP parents Carolyn Denny & Kristi Hackett and their team! The Coffee will be held in the Worship Center Gathering Space – a new and bigger location with more room to move around.

*School Photos Th/Fri Oct 13/14

Curtis Wright will come on Th/Fri Oct 13/14 to take individual color photos. You will receive the proof and order form a few weeks later. Orders will be delivered back to MSP.

*Parent Teacher conference days Oct 20/21

Parent-teacher conferences are on Thurs. October 20 (T/Th & T/W/Th classes) & Fri. Oct 21 (W/F, W/Th/F & T/W/Th/F classes). There will be no school on your child’s conference day, but childcare will be available for your child and their younger siblings during the 20-minute meeting time. Look for a signup sheet outside your child’s classroom door.

These meetings are a great opportunity to hear from your child’s teacher about how your child is thriving in school. Most importantly the teachers get to hear from you; what your heart is for your child.

*Speech & Language Screenings

MSP has a partnership with a speech & language professional that provides onsite screenings. Sign up forms will be available at your Parent-Teacher Conference. If you are interested in having your child screened, please fill out the screening permission letter and attach a check with the form. Teachers will also have information about free screenings available through Davidson County, Williamson County and Franklin Special School District.


We have been steadily going through the first 5 catechism songs. What an accomplishment for your children, memorizing this body of work. They have learned about God as the Creator of all things, how to glorify God (loving Him and doing what He commands) and how He is the ONLY one true God. This coming month, we will learn about His omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence — He is everywhere, He knows all things, and can do all things.

Ask your children about the mystery box. You will be surprised at what they can tell you about the attributes of God and how everyday things (an insect, a puzzle, pom-poms) show God’s glory.

*Bible verses

Here are the verses your children have learned to date:

Gen. 1:1 – “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

1 John 4:16 – “God is love”

Eph. 4:6; “There is one God who is over all, through all, and in all.”

I Corinthians 13:14 – “May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

*Halloween Policy

MSP does not celebrate Halloween. There are so many strong opinions about this holiday, and to honor families who have strong convictions against this holiday, we do not dress up or pass out candy this day. Thanks so much for honoring this policy.

*Harvest Days/Pumpkin Patch

On Thurs/Fri Oct 27/28, MSP will host Harvest Days. Each class will read Stone Soup and then make soup using a stone – and of course other yummy ingredients. Your teachers are going to post a sign-up sheet so you can bring something for the recipe. That same day your kids will go out to the MSP Pumpkin Patch. They will walk the nature trail and happen upon the patch, and find their very own pumpkin with their glittery name on it. Great fun and a great photo opportunity for sure!

*Looking ahead: Special Events dates:

Th/Fri Nov 17/18 – Thanksgiving Feasts

Tues Dec 13 – Christmas program for T/Th 3s, Ms. Phyllis’s, Ms. Brooke’s, Ms. Jennifer’s and Ms. Jodie’s T/Th class. 6:30 pm

Wed Dec 14 – Christmas program for W/F 3s, Ms. Laura’s, Ms. Ellen’s, Ms. Hillary’s and Ms. Delyn’s class. 6:30 pm

*MSP Merchandise

We have MSP t-shirts for sale in our office. Adult t-shirts are $15 and children’s t-shirts are $10. We also have a CD of Diana Batarseh’s catechism songs “WhoOo Made You?” which we sing in Devotions, and MSP sticker decals. All proceeds benefit the MSP scholarship fund. Payment must be made separately from tuition.

*MSP Communications in the event of an emergency

Mustard Seed Preschool has emergency procedures in place for all staff and students in the case of fire, tornado, earthquake, intruder/lockdown or off site evacuations. We have already had fire drills and lockdown drills in September.

In the event of an emergency where parents need to be notified, MSP will communicate in the following ways:

1) Staff will call parents of their classes’ students from their personal cell phones to inform them of emergency information.

2) Dependent on internet connection availability, the director will post the current emergency information on the Mustard Seed Website.

3) Dependent on internet connection availability, an email will be sent to the parent body of Mustard Seed Preschool containing current emergency information.

This emergency information will include:

*The nature of the emergency

*The action taken

*Parent/Child Reunification instructions (for an offsite evacuation)

In the unlikely event of a necessary Off-site Evacuation (toxic spill or gas leak) Mustard Seed Preschool would relocate to Hunter’s Bend Elementary School, 2121 Fieldstone Pkwy, Franklin, TN 37069. The school’s phone number is (615) 472-4580.

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