Alicia Hewitt

My name is Alicia, I have the honor of being the art teacher here at MSP. My husband, Sam and I met in Ohio where we grew up, and shortly after being married, we moved to Nashville. We now live in Spring Hill with our two kids, Kaylen and Zoe (who are both Msp alums) and our basset hound Sophie. I truly love teaching kids about art and giving them a chance to experience different mediums! I have taught at Mustard Seed since 2009 and I couldn’t imagine a better job for me!


Lynelle McDonald

My name is Lynelle McDonald and preschool music is what I do! It’s why I was born. It is my joy to teach little ones and it has been for more than 25 years. I have taught a wide range of music classes and piano lessons to preschoolers, home schoolers and even adults in the Nashville area since 1995. I have had the privilege to teach music at MSP for 11yrs. I knew I had to be a part of this special place when my three boys Hayden 21, Ryder 17, and Kieran 15 went through the program when they were 4 and 5years old. It is my sincere belief that Mustard Seed Preschool is a shining example of the Gospel being intentionally taught and lived out in the lives of our teachers and students and their families.  It truly is a slice of Heaven on earth.


Vanessa Guijarro

My name is Vanessa Guijarro and it is an honor to be the Spanish teacher. I am from Miami, FL as well as my husband and our kids. We have two boys, Mason and Mateo, and can’t forget about our fur baby, Betsy. Betsy is a French Bulldog and loves to play! This is my second year at Mustard Seed and it is truly a blessing. I enjoy hearing the kids say words in Spanish, it is always a joy when the kids come up to me to tell me of something they remembered in Spanish class.