Donations can be submitted by mail, in person, Venmo or by PayPal. All donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go directly to the Mustard Seed Preschool Scholarship Fund.

What is the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund?

Mustard Seed Preschool is committed to providing a quality, biblical, grace based education for families regardless of background or ability to pay. The goal of our Scholarship Fund is to keep our doors open wide so no family has to walk away from us because of financial need. How do we pull this off?


By donating to the MSP Scholarship Fund, you get to be an active participant in the great work God is doing through our ministry.

Want proof? Here are some testimonials from our families:

“Whenever I talk about MSP, the first words I use are “a little piece of Heaven.” We’ve been here for three years and every year, it’s the same: the best part of our week! The love, grace, care, and attention the entire staff at MSP gives to each of the children is unbelievable. It’s a family here. My kids are better because of this school!”

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to send our little man to Mustard Seed this year. We truly would not have been able to without the financial support! We are so grateful; he’s thriving and is so proud of the things he’s learning. Whether it’s talking about secondary colors, or singing a hymn while he’s playing, we can see that he’s growing so much.”

15% of attending families receive assistance from the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund in a typical year.

$39,000 in tuition assistance is awarded in a typical year