2023-24 MSP Board members:

Jami Baker, Julie Barrett, Rena Byington, Danny Hudson, Wally Knox, Rachel McCubbin
Reese Smith, Kayla Stanfield.

Mustard Seed Preschool was founded by caring members of Christ Community Church who formed a “Planning Team” and oversaw the planning, mission, and development of the school beginning in 2003. MSP opened its doors in 2004. Now in its 17th year, our school continues to be served by its Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board consists of volunteers from our community who have a background in childcare, education, ministry, as well as some MSP parents. The Board meets 6 months out of the year and serves as advisors and consultants for the school. The Board gives oversight and direction to the finances, curriculum, registration, outreach, and public relations of the school. As a ministry of Christ Community Church, significant changes to philosophy or policy of MSP must be approved by CCC’s Session.

The board meets the second Tuesday of the month in January, March, May, June, August, and September. For any questions related to MSP’s Advisory Board please contact Holly Davis, Director at holly.davis@christcommunity.org or Chairman Teresa Hardy at teresa.hardy@comcast.net